About Goos Design

Doing what you really like sounds easy, but it is not always and for everyone. And that also applies to me. Because what do I like? And what am I actually really good at? These are questions I’ve struggled with for a long time.

I’m Margo, 33 years old and my biggest hobby is crocheting. I discovered crochet in the most difficult period of my life. When I was 27 I got a burnout and a severe depression. After years of running, overloading and hiding as much as possible, my breaking point had been reached. I could not hold on any longer. I didn’t want anymore. All this, but also a series of intense events in the family and myself soon ensured that I ended up with Mental Healthcare.

I fell from one crisis admission to another and I was regularly in acute part-time to get through the days. In addition, I followed therapies and treatments. I had to find the meaning again, rediscover who I was and what I wanted. But I didn’t want anything.

Until I met a very nice activity supervisor at the day treatment who wanted to teach me how to crochet. Actually from the first try I was sold. It was so nice to be busy with your hands and to be able to release your creativity in this. What started with some simple scarves, quickly progressed to hats, plaids, cushion covers and finally cardigans and sweaters. At first I followed patterns and later I let my own imagination run wild. And so I became more and more familiar with crochet. It gave me so much relaxation and I loved being able to work with my hands.

When my closets started to overflow with my own creations, I decided to get to work for the people around me; family and friends. I received many positive reactions to this, which also boosted my self-confidence. Was this what I really liked? Sometimes I even got the encouragement to do more with this. Couldn’t I start a webshop? But I had so little confidence in myself and didn’t know where to start so I held off for years.

Until I met my boyfriend. He actually immediately said ‘why not?’ and ‘what’s stopping you?’. With his help and encouragement, the idea for Goos Design was born.

“Now I know what I really like.
Share my creations and keep designing.”

Due to the many trials, from which I am now recovering with help, this is the perfect work for me. I do what I like and what gives me energy. Keeping it low key and at a pace I feel comfortable with is the path to my recovery.

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